Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mexican Lasagna

Hey Paula, do you only cook casseroles and über fattening food? 

No, but you don't need a recipe for simple cooked/grilled vegetables, meats, and fish. Duh.

Aldi doesn't have the biggest produce selection, but the prices are outstanding. They usually have the basics and they move really fast, everything is very fresh. My mom did the math and figured out she is saving $40 a month on produce alone. They eat A LOT of produce, it's really paying off in health benefits. Now the savings is paying off too, she is putting the money saved in their vacation fund.

I like fresh herbs and shallots, and I cannot buy those at Aldi. That's okay, because when I need those types of things, I usually make a special trip somewhere anyway. I won't be writing out any of those recipes because they don't fit with this Aldi-only theme about saving money. 

Mexican Lasagna

Fry hamburger and drain grease. Add tomatoes, corn, and taco seasoning and heat on medium heat for a few minutes.

Spoon enough of the mixture to cover the bottom of a round baking dish. It should be a fairly big dish, about 4" high. Add a flour tortilla on top of the mixture and continue to build layers until you reach the top. The top should have a sauce mixture.

Top with cheddar cheese and bake uncovered at 350° for 45 minutes.

I'll write about what to do with those leftover flour tortillas another day.


Disclaimer: I do not own these recipes. I cook from memory and often adapt things I've seen, tasted, heard about, or read about.

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